Haygain’s unique steaming technology is the only scientifically proven method to purify hay and haylage. The Haygain patented system eliminates respirable dust, including the pathogenic moulds implicated in equine respiratory disorders, thereby helping lung function and optimising performance. It also kills mould, spores and 96% of bacteria.


Jewels and Horses are an Equestrian Boutique based in the South East of England. They have a true love for horses and a passion for fashion and only stock quality brands and products.


See Change Horse Shampoo is the best, most sensitive and luxurious animal shampoo but it is also different. It uses ingredients and manufacturing in the UK that meet the highest ethical and environmental standards in human cosmetics. It is plastic free, 100% bio-degradable, is only tested on humans, and, as a concentrated solid bar, lasts 3x as long as normal horse shampoo.