Georgia is always looking to welcome new members to join Georgia Bartlett Eventing, either as an owner or a syndicate member. Please get in touch with Georgia if you already own a horse/pony and are looking for the perfect jockey or if you want to be involved with one of Georgia’s current horses.

Georgia has a friendly, family run yard with a select team of very special horses where every horse can be given the individual attention he/she needs to thrive. She would be delighted for you to join her team - you can come and watch her train at home and with her coaches, as well as at competitions where you are always welcome to enjoy excellent Bartlett hospitality! Georgia will keep you updated on your horse’s progress and send you video clips of your horse when you cannot be there to watch her train or compete.

Do get in touch with Georgia - you could have a lot of fun being a part of her phenomenal team! georgiabartlett@btinternet.com